7-tägiges cholesterinarmes Diätmenü

Wenn Sie einen Plan für eine Diät mit niedrigem Cholesterinspiegel einhalten, können Sie Ihren Cholesterinspiegel senken und Ihre Gesundheit verbessern. Wenn Sie wissen, was Sie eine Woche lang essen sollen, können Sie mit einem herzgesunden Plan beginnen.

Chapter 1
Ready, set, go
You want to lose weight, so let’s get going. Lose It! is designed to help you
safely lose 6 to 10 pounds in two weeks and jump-start your weight loss. How
much you lose is ultimately up to you — the more closely you follow Lose It!,
the more you’ll likely lose. This chapter provides some necessary preliminaries
before you dive into losing weight in Chapter 2.
If you’re overweight, you likely got there by having certain habits: Munching on
chips while watching TV, ice cream before bed, maybe avoiding exercise. Often,
people don’t realize how much these behaviors, taken together, help pack on
pounds. Habits — easy to get into, hard to break. Lose It! focuses on habits that
affect weight loss.
All you have to do to lose weight during this two-week period is:
Add 5 Habits
Break 5 Habits
Adopt 5 Bonus Habits
It’s that simple. To be honest, some of these habits may be challenging. No more
TV time than time spent exercising? Eat breakfast — every day? You’ve got to
be kidding. Actually, it’s not as hard as it sounds — and best of all, it works
(which you’ll like). We’ll provide tips and resources to help you succeed. And
focus on this: By sticking to these changes for only two weeks, the pounds will
come off, your health will improve, and you’ll feel better.
Pick a start date. Before that date, familiarize yourself with the Lose It! habits and the tips on how
to accomplish them. Make preparations. For example, one of the Add 5 Habits is to eat more
vegetables and fruits. Good idea to have some on hand.
On your start date, simply jump right in and begin following the Add 5 Habits, Break 5 Habits and
Adopt 5 Bonus Habits.This page directs you to helpful resources later in the book.
Use The Mayo Clinic Diet Journal or a notebook to record your progress and track how well you

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